Geothermal Comfort Systems

By Waterfurnace

WaterFurnace is dedicated to providing you with safe, reliable and energy efficient products that save money while conserving our resources. 

WaterFurnace is proud to announce the immediate launch of the 3 Series 300A11 as the newest WaterFurnace residential product offering. Designed to compliment the 5 and 7 Series units, the 3 Series benefits from technology that’s been refined through 30 years of research, engineering advancements, and manufacturing experience. The 300A11 utilizes two-stage scroll compressors and 5-speed ECM blowers to provide high efficiency performance and quiet operation.

The Envision and Synergy3D series furnace uphold the standards and trust associated with the WaterFurnace name.  Every unit is computer run-tested to ensure flawless performance at start-up and are backed by the best warranties in the industry.

Envision 5 series units deliver an astounding five dollars of energy for every dollar of electrical energy used while 7 Series units deliver even more.

Backed by a 10 years parts & labour warranty

By choosing WaterFurnace products, you are investing in the ultimate comfort system and peace of mind for years to come.  

All Technicians are fully Trained WaterFurnace Specialists and are Accredited by the CGC - “Canadian Geothermal Coalition”.

A Waterfurnace unit is the environmental equivalent of planting an acre of trees and taking two cars off the road forever. Saving the earth one home at a time.

Call Planetpower today to arrange an appointment and start saving energy and money!

Financing and Rent to own programs available.