Furnaces & Air Conditioners

Providing Extra-high Efficiency And Worry-free Performance

Maytag furnaces, air conditioners and heat pumps are designed with innovation & style, environmentally smart, energy saving and provide quiet comfort.

Maytag Furnaces

Maytag furnaces come with a number of benefits that make them the dependable heating choice for your home. Knowing which benefits to look for in a new furnace can be difficult; however, if you know what options are best for your overall home comfort, it can make the search for a new unit easier. An efficient Maytag gas furnace, when paired with a heat pump system, can help homeowners save money on utilities throughout the year.

M1200 – PGC2MQ – 97% AFUE Modulating

M1200 – PGC2TC - 95.1% AFUE Two stage Variable Speed & Fixed speed ECM

M120 -   MGC2SD – 95% AFUE Single stage fixed speed

M120 – MGC2SC – 92.1% AFUE Single stage fixed speed

Maytag Air Conditioners

During the search for a new air conditioning system, homeowners need to know that they are receiving all of the benefits they desire in their new HVAC unit. A Maytag® air conditioner comes with a selection of benefits that increase the performance and longevity of the unit. Benefits include proven components such as Copeland scroll compressors and low sound levels. Not only will a Maytag® air conditioner operate efficiently and at low sound levels, but homeowners can enjoy long-lasting peace of mind and quality assurance with the Maytag Dependability promise warranty.

M1200 – PSA4BE 14/15 seer

M1200 – PSA4BD 13 seer

M120 – MSA4BE – 14/5 seer

M120 – MSA4BD – 13 seer

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Peace of Mind

The Maytag series of products offer a 12 year worry-free limited warranty on parts when the product is registered, plus our Dependability Promise states that your entire unit will be replaced if the compressor or heat exchanger fails within the first 12 years of purchase.

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