Air Cleaners, Filters, & Humidifiers

Some of the products we carry for indoor air quality:

  • vanEE Residential HRV’s and ERV’s
  • Honeywell Electronic Air Cleaners                        
  • Honeywell Humidifiers
  • Honeywell Thermostats
  • High Efficiency Pleated Media Filters                       
  • UV Purification Systems

The Heat Recovery Ventilator replaces stale indoor air with fresh, clean outdoor air. It filters outdoor pollens and expels indoor pollutants to the outside, exchanging the air in the home.

vanEE has several residential air exchangers to choose from.  Let Planetpower improve your home comfort with one of vanEE’s products that will work best for your home.

Your indoor air quality system is closely tied to your overall home comfort. By investing in one of our helpful, dependable IAQ system additions, you can improve the quality of your indoor air and get lasting whole-home comfort. So, whether you are looking to reduce dust and allergens or regulate the humidity of your indoor air, there is an indoor air quality system that can assist you.

Add a whole home humidifier to your home - particularly if you live in the North where winters can become cold and dry. By turning on your whole home humidifier, you add more humidity to your home's air, making your home feel warmer. You may even be able to turn your thermostat down a few degrees.

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