Water Softeners

Enjoy the difference a Water Depot water softener can make!

Get Softer Skin, Shinier Hair & Brighter Laundry with a Water Softener


"Available in one or two tank design."

Water Softener PLUS Chlorine and Chemical Removal System

The world's most intelligent water softener is 2 machines in 1! Set it and forget it - just add salt!

Platinum Water Softener

Water Softener PLUS Iron Removal System

Deluxe Water Softener

One of the most efficient softeners in the world!  Fully automatic water softener

Econo Water Softener

One of the most economical softeners you can purchase in the world!

Time clock design with fiber glass tank and compact salt storage


WATER conditioning

New Technology, uses no hydro or salt    

Forever Soft

Uses only clean water to clean itself.  Most advanced system in the world.