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4 Essential Reasons to Maintain Your HVAC Equipment

  1. Validates your current warranty and/or extended warranty

Some manufacturers and extended warranties can become voided or deny coverage if the equipment is not regularly maintained by a licensed HVAC professional.

  1. Increases the health and safety of those living in your home

Your furnace is a fossil fuel burning piece of equipment. When fossil fuels, such as natural gas, propane or oil are burned they omit combustion gases. These omissions contain harmful gases like: carbon monoxide, methane, VOC’s and small amounts of sulfur dioxide (very cursive). Your furnace is designed to properly exhaust these gases outside and NOT in your home. Unfortunately this design can become compromised when your furnace has a cracked heat exchanger. A small crack in the heat exchanger will allow harmful combustion gases to leak out of the equipment and into the home. Inspecting the heat exchanger is one of many diagnostics tests performed during your tune-up.

IMPORTANT NOTE: All homes with fossil fuel appliances should have an updated and active CO detector located on each floor.

  1. Greatly decrease the chance of a break down

HVAC systems tend to break down when they are working the hardest. An example would be: a major holiday when you are hosting a house full of people. When doors are opening and closing on a cold day your furnace has to work harder to maintain the indoor temperature. This increase in run time enhances the probability for system failure.

  1. Increases the longevity of your system

Proper maintenance extends the life of your furnace or boiler and saves you money. The longer you can keep your system running at optimum performance, the more money you keep in your pocket.

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